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Favela Hype

Favela Hype Rio de janeiro fashion,rio

Favela Hype

Galeria River mall, Rua Francvisco Otaviano 67, , Rio de janeiro, Brazil
T: 55 21 3201 0406
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Favela Hype was born in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro in August 2001. Actually, the main showrooms and commercial HQ are still in Rua Almirante Alexandrino in Santa Teresa.

The brand was founded by the sisters Kananda and Krishna Soaras. Their whole production is done in factories in Rio de Janeiro where social inclusion of the poorest is of high importance to the two sisters. Today they employ more than 300 persons.

Their fashion range is absolutely yummy, with the typical Carioca-sexiness.

Although the headquarters are in beautiful Santa Teresa, I would recommend people visiting to go to the small but cute shop in Arpador (the point separating Copacabana with Ipanema) in the little ‘Galeria River’ mall, which you’ll spot immediately by the many surfboard shops.

Posted 8 years 1 month ago | Jake


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