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Terroni - a place to not go


Terroni - a place to not go

Toronto, Canada
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A few of us went for the first time to Terroni on Queen this past Tuesday night. The first attendant was very sweet and accomodating, but then we experienced the other half. Upstairs, we had the most pretentious, self-important, arrogant and be-littling waiter I have ever seen. Aside from asking twice very rudely if we wanted to order (we were still waiting for a friend to arrive and they were not very busy at that point and it was not very late), he actually sat down like a kindergarten teacher next to us and explained slowly why we could not order a pizza with no arugula. Apparantly we had never eaten pizza before and do not understand the delicate balance of ingredients. This and other things naturally were reflected in his tip, but he still did receive about 12%. As we were leaving, after noticing some of the credit cards being brazilian, he said "Well, since some of you are from Brazil, maybe you don`t understand that you only gave me 15 dollars". Yes, aside from being arrogant with no time to deal with us, he was a bigot and a loud-mouth as well. To make it worse, it was not the first I`ve heard of the service on the place, which seems to be quite peculiar.

Terroni, is in the end, over rated and there is no explanation for this kind of service. I`ll never go back there.
Posted 8 years 1 month ago | Ana


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